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Many of us are still in shock over the tragic shooting that occurred this weekend in Tucson, AZ.   It calls for each one of us to reflect and decide what we truly stand for as a Nation.   Below is a repost from The Woodhull Institute for Ethnical Leadership, a supporter of girls and young women.  To learn more about the organization visit their website


The Woodhull Institute extends its deepest sympathies  to all of the victims and families of the tragic shooting this past Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. To those that lost their lives, to those that were wounded and to the families that must now deal with the aftermath of this horrible tragedy, our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of you.
Representative Gabrielle Giffords lies in a hospital fighting for her life.  Christina Green born on the day of another unfathomable tragedy, September 11, 2001, only nine years old, her heart and mind stilled by a rifle shot.  Six people killed, 14 others wounded.
While the motives of the shooter, alleged to be Jared Lee Loughner, are still unclear – the nation is coming to terms with the understanding that the vitriolic political rhetoric that seems to have taken over the internet, print media and airwaves can not continue. 
The Woodhull Institute supports every person’s right to voice their opinions, every person’s right to try to move their agenda’s forward, to try and convince others that their goals are the right goals.  But to do so as part of civil discourse, as part of an open and informed debate, not by initiating personal attacks, name calling, or using imagery and verbiage that invokes violence.     
It is time for all representatives and activists on both sides of the aisle to remember to focus on the issues and not on hatred.  Your opponents may not agree with you but they too are human beings and deeply believe that what they stand for is the best for the country. They too have friends and families, they too are entitled to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
The need for ethical leaders could not be more glaring than it is today.  Woodhull’s Credo could not be more relevant than it is today:
To manifest, teach and learn in our relationships ethical conduct and compassionate leadership.
To create an environment of trust, respect, kindness, safety and open-mindedness.
To commit to honoring a higher purpose through our work.
To act with honesty, compassion and courage.
To recognize the essential equality and dignity of all.
To avoid negative gossip.
To bring up problems constructively and directly.
To find common ground in our differences.
To be of service to one another and to the community at large.
To take the risk of speaking out about injustice.
To be grateful for what others have done for you.
To be responsible for our actions and to practice forgiveness.
To tithe time and income.
To celebrate the achievements of ourselves and of others.
To understand that what we send out into the world comes back to us.
As our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this horrible Tucson tragedy, the Woodhull Institute will take this opportunity to recommit to training and encouraging a new generation of ethical leaders who will lead with dignity, grace and respect.
The Staff and Faculty of The Woodhull Institute

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