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just got back from a few weeks of rest and relaxation.  

looking forward to seeing what’s in store as i get back to work…DSC_0089

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sassy.sage is a firm believer in taking time to rest and regroup as a key to successful living.  i’m giving myself some downtime in the great land of down under. i’ll be sharing lots of photos when I get back the next few weeks. 


Map of Australian States

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i know many of you are planning to be away sometime this august. everyone needs some time to refresh and recharge.  so i’m urging you to fully unplug!

i feel very blessed to have peace and relaxation on my recent trip.  i now feel like i am back and ready to roll.

last week i asked you to guess where i was. people came close but didn’t quite hit the mark…

so here it is.  enjoy the photos:)

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taking time to relax and recharge. any guess where i am?

vacation blog 8-13

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i decided to take a break from cyberspace for an entire month.  it was an impromptu decision that i chose not to announce. i just quietly faded away for some me time and peace.  i did a stay-cation and then spent a week in sedona. that red rock is amazing!!!

four weeks with no blogs, twitter, fb, very limited email…

it was a breathe of fresh air.  

there were times when i wanted to chime into the chatter but silence was golden.  i am back so much more refreshed.  i also found a new perspective on how and when technology will guide me.  

so many of us have gotten sucked into using tech all day, every day.  

i encourage you to go black, even if just for a weekend.  

it’s helpful to know that life in ‘realtime’ is also fascinating, engaging & fun…

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