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at sassysage says we often highlight women who are doing amazing things.

this blog we give a shout out to all the ladies who go out today and VOTE!  

let the country know we are the electorate!    

young women voters are in charge…


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last night i looked up at the NYC skyline and saw the two lights honoring the lives of those who were killed in the terror attacks of 2001.  it really made me think about how important it is to pay tribute to them and all those who have sacrificed for a better world.  

if you are voting for the first time.  pause for a moment to think about how blessed you are to have that right. if you can’t vote yet, ask your parents if you can tag along to see what it’s like.  find out who is running and start thinking about who you would select if you had the chance. it’s never too early to get politically active.  democracy is not guaranteed, participate in the gift. VOTE!!!

honor 9-13

 ‘Auxilia humilia firma consensus facit’- 

humility was certainly the feeling i had yesterday when i was squinting my eyes trying to read the ballot.   i circled the wrong candidate and had to start over again.  but i was determined to get my vote counted.  and apparently there were many others…


this past mid-term election has led to some changes in our government and the balance of power has shifted sides.  but regardless of which party you align with most are not satisfied; some are quite angry.   i find the whole thing very sad because America is the land of diversity and therein lies our richness.  it’s time for the government to value a more feminine style of leadership; take the high road , unite and work towards progress.  there’s got to be some things we can all agree on; like the fact that we don’t want to see our Nation deteriorate to a rotten core.  

it’s time to stop acting out US Congress! suck it up; hold hands and take care of our Country as you have been elected to do…

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