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i give a huge congrats to mom from philly who spent more than $25,000 for her son to have a dubai themed prom party.  by now i’m sure you have heard about this situation , since IG and youtube has been aswirl about it.  most of the comments are shock and horror that someone would spend that much money on a prom. someone from anywhere but not a mom who by her own accounts didn’t have that type of money. but i see this as genius…

i believe philly mom, aka saudia shuler, had a master plan.   my guess is that she really threw the party as a kick off for her new party planning business.  how brilliant a marketing plan would that be!  she has thousands of people sharing video and photos of her event.  news and sites around the world are talking about her idea.  it’s clear the woman is super talented. as it took so much creativity and time management to plan something of that magnitude.   i can’t imagine other people not wanting to hire her. if this was her thought process and i really hope it was…she took a risk indeed but potentially a risk that may pay off BIG



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